Spill training for businesses

oil-spill-trainingIt’s essential that you and your staff know what to do if you have a spill of oil, or any other chemical. You need to understand what you can do to stop a leak or spill causing a serious pollution incident.


Make sure you have a spill kit on site stored near to your oil storage area. The size of your kit should represent the volume of oil you store and what you are protecting from a potential spill. If you’re near to a stream, river, Site of Special Scientific Interest or other environment receptor you may need more equipment. Companies that sell pollution control equipment can help with this.

It’s essential your staff know how to use the contents of the spill kit.

Training options

Training will make sure you and your staff are confident to respond to a spill safely.

We recommend you ask an accredited training provider or your pollution control equipment company if they can provide training for your business. The training should include why it’s important to respond to a spill, what action your staff can take and practical hands on experience using spill control equipment.

Spill clean-up training for businesses is available through The UK Spill Association or British Safety Industry Federation First Responder.

Ensuring your staff are trained and competent can contribute to your Environment Management System Accreditation.

Prepare your business

Produce a pollution incident response plan so that you and your employees know what to do if an incident occurs. Include:

  • contact details, during business hours and out of hours
  • a plan of your site, with the location of drains and spill kits
  • product list/inventory, what’s stored on your site and where

Test your plan, this helps keep your staff up to date with how they should respond and who they can call for help, it helps identify if you need to update your plan.