Introducing Oil Care

Who we are: Oil Care Campaign

The Oil Care Campaign (OCC) is a joint initiative between the UK environmental regulators, trade and professional bodies and industry.

Oils play a vital part in our daily lives, as fuels, lubricants and manufacturing or cooking ingredients. If even a small amount of this oil is spilled it can impact on our water, plant and wildlife resources. Oil pollution is reported to our environmental regulators over 3000 times every year. This not only damages the environment, but can affect the reputation of the oil industry. It can cost thousands of pounds to clean-up oil pollution and incidents may result in lost time, money and disruption for businesses.

The Oil Care Campaign aims to:

  1. To develop and provide guidance for domestic, commercial and industrial users on the safe handling, storage and recovery of oils, to reduce the environmental impact of spills from poor practices in the storage, use and disposal of oils.
  2. To promote improved infrastructure for the collection of used oil from the public.
  3. To raise awareness of oil recovery through promotion of the Oil Care Code, the Oil Bank Information Line (03708 506 506), the Oil Bank website ( and provision of Oil Care information on oil product packaging, in car maintenance manuals, oil storage tanks etc.

What we do

We provide good practice advice to oil users and producers of waste oil to help them look after and dispose of their oil safely and legally.

We maintain the Oil Bank Line web site so homeowners can find their nearest used oil disposal site.

We supply oil tank stickers for domestic, industrial and waste oil tanks. The stickers provide advice on oil storage, with a reminder to have oil storage tanks checked annually to ensure they’re in suitable condition to store your oil and what to do if there’s an oil spill.

Your business can sponsor the Oil Care Campaign

The OCC is funded by voluntary donations. Businesses may sponsor the campaign as part of their corporate and social responsibility activity.

By doing so sponsors demonstrate their support for the environmental and social responsibility objectives of the OCC.

If you sponsor us you will be given the right to use our logo, a registered Trade mark, stating you are sponsoring the OCC for that year. The logo can be added to a range of company items, including your website, stationary, forms, literature, business cards and promotional merchandise. By sponsoring us you will also:

  • demonstrate your environmental corporate performance and social responsibility
  • enhance your reputation with the public, customers and other businesses
  • show a willingness to help promote and deliver pollution incident reduction and the provision of advice and guidance to others
  • help to maintain the long term reputation of the UK oil industry

To find out more about sponsoring the Oil Care Campaign and the work we are planning and delivering contact the Oil Care Campaign Manager Liz Hobday at

OCC members are:

  • UK environmental regulators: Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Professional bodies: Energy Institute
  • Trade associations: UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association, Oil Firing Technical Association, United Kingdom Lubricants Association, Oil Recycling Association, Petroleum Equipment Installers and Maintenance Federation, Petrol Retailers Association, The UK Spill Association, British Safety Industry Federation
  • Government: Welsh Government, Defra
  • Businesses involved in oil: Shell UK, OHES Environmental