Look after your oil

Your oil is valuable; you’ve paid for it once don’t let it cost you a second time. By looking after your oil correctly you’ll be protecting a valuable asset and the environment.

Whether you use your oil to heat your home, use it for your business or to help your vehicle run well it’s your responsibility to look after it. You need to store and use it safely to protect your home, business or property, your health and safety and to reduce the risk of pollution. It’s your responsibility to dispose of it safely and legally when you no longer need it.

You have a legal responsibility to make sure your oil doesn’t cause pollution. You could be prosecuted if you fail to meet minimum requirements for oil storage legislation or if your oil causes pollution of a river, stream, lake or the ground. This can be very expensive to clean up and can damage buildings as well as your local environment.


Oil Stores

Whether you store your oil in a tank, intermediate bulk container (IBC), drum or small container you need to understand the type of oil store you have so you can maintain it safely.

Our guide to oil tanks ‘Get to know your oil tank’ explains the equipment that’s usually found on a tank and how to look after it.


Be Oil Care aware

Looking after your oil goes beyond meeting the legal storage requirements – although this is a good start.

Taking care of your oil from when it’s delivered, in storage, as you use it and right through to disposal will save you money and reduce the risk that your oil will cause pollution.

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