Environment Management Systems for businesses

Oil Care and environmental good practice

Looking after your oil safely, through delivery, use and disposal, reduces your risk of causing pollution and saves money. As a business it will contribute to your Environmental Management System (EMS).

What is an EMS?

An EMS is a structured framework for managing an organisation’s significant impacts on the environment and improving its performance. There are many recognised and accredited EMS schemes, EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, ISO14001 and BS8555 are among the most common.

An EMS is a practical tool to engage with employees, customers and wider business contacts to continually improve the way an organisation operates, ensuring compliance with legislation and managing its impact on the environment.

How an EMS can help your business

All businesses can benefit from a systematic approach to ensure their resources, including oil, are well managed. Over time you can gain financial savings and additional efficiencies will develop, improving your business performance and reputation. It can also help you identify and capitalise on environmental opportunities, taking your organisation beyond minimum compliance.

Where to start

If you are thinking of developing an EMS for your organisation or company there are many web sites that provide help on where to start and guides to the process.

Two such sites are:

Preventing pollution is an integral part of an effective EMS and should be reflected in your organisation’s policy, objectives and commitments in other EMS documents.